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Finishing Systems

Get Your Documents Ready for Distribution & Disposal Faster

UBS’s main objective is to help maximize your productivity. That’s one reason why we offer a selection of finishing systems. You can pair these devices with our printers, digital presses and other hardware to complete your important documents and distribute them faster.

Available Finishing Systems

UBS’s finishing systems include:

Buckle & Knife Folders

We can supply you with buckle folders, which feed, press and fold pages at extremely high speeds. You can also purchase knife folders, which create folds in paper by slitting and rolling it.

Die Cutters

With die cutters, you can cut shapes out of your pages. You can also make creases and perforations.


UBS also offers equipment that lets you create booklets easier. You can insert stitches and staples into pre-folded sheets quickly and consistently.

Remoistening Systems

You can also take advantage of remoistening systems, which helps restore moisture to sheets and help prevent:

  • Curling
  • Waves
  • Static charges

Document and Printing Solutions

On top of our printing and finishing equipment, UBS offers an assortment of document- and print-related solutions. These can help you optimize your printing, scanning, storage and distribution processes. Check out the pages below to find out more:

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