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Take Control of Your Printing Budget

Companies may spend as much as 3% of their yearly revenue on printing, which can add up to  hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on a company’s size. United Business System will help you gain control of your spending.

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A Comprehensive Service for Your Organization’s Printing Solution

With Managed Print Solutions from UBS, you can rein in these costs and increase your productivity. Your printing processes will automatically be more secure, more efficient, and more profitable.

Benefits of Our Managed Print Solutions


Training and Workflow Implementation

To ensure the effectiveness of our solutions, UBS also offers training and workflow implementation services. We help integrate our products with the rest of your network and make sure they meet your organization’s needs. For more details, go to our Training and Workflow Implementation pages.

UBS Helps Buffalo Law Firm Meet Printing Demands

Gross Polowy represents the financial servicing industry, which means its team must rely on secure and reliable printing devices to produce detailed documents. UBS presented them with Uniflow, a safe and efficient software that helps manage job ticketing for efficiency and security.

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"Uniflow just works. The response time for service from UBS has been phenomenal."

- Robert Abrams, Systems Engineer