Develop an Efficient Document Scanning Routine

Inefficient document scanning processes can hold your company back and keep it from growing. UBS can help you get more done and drive businesses in Rochester and Buffalo. With our document scanning solutions, you can spot how to streamline your processes and improve your efficiency.

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Standard Tools and Applications

Our solutions come with a variety of helpful tools, including:

  • Email notifications
  • Status escalations
  • Document routing conditions
  • Document checkpoints for matching or differentiating pieces of data

Our solutions have helped companies set up workflows for many standard processes such as:

  • Document retention and disposal scheduling
  • Invoice distribution
  • Contract management

Document Scanning in Rochester & Buffalo

UBS has a wide range of document scanning apps to help automate the document workflow of businesses in Rochester, Buffalo, and beyond. Our document scanning solutions enable you to capture data in a variety of formats including edit-ready Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents, as well as Searchable PDF. Our mobile solutions and apps will also allow users to conveniently scan documents directly from their MFP to their mobile devices to take on the go. We believe that document scanning should be simple, flexible, and improve your process of routing and retrieval. 

Training and Workflow Implementation

To ensure the effectiveness of our solutions, UBS also offers training and workflow implementation services. We help integrate our products with the rest of your network and make sure they meet your organization’s needs. For more details, go to our Training and Workflow Implementation pages.