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For some organizations, having the ability to protect your information matters as much as being able to access and distribute it. Industry standards as well as local and federal regulations could require you to keep your documents as secure and private as possible. Failure to meet these standards and regulations could lead to loss of business and possibly have legal ramifications.

United Business Systems can help keep your information from falling into the wrong hands. Our document management solutions can enable you to improve the security of your devices and documents. You’ll be able to protect your information, your reputation and the viability of your business.

Benefits of UBS’s Document Security Solutions

UBS’s solutions give you the power to:

Audit Printer Activity

You can see who accesses your laser printers and copiers and what they use them for.

Control Printing of Sensitive Information

You can prevent sensitive documents from printing until someone is there to collect it. You can also enable follow-me printing, which allows you to print on devices convenient to your location.

Secure Your Devices

You can set up security measures on your printers such as ID card reading and login requirements. You can also restrict users to performing only certain functions like printing or document scanning on your multifunction copiers.

Training and Workflow Implementation

To ensure the effectiveness of our solutions, UBS also offers training and workflow implementation services. We help integrate our products with the rest of your network and make sure they meet your organization’s needs. For more details, go to our Training and Workflow Implementation pages.