When I was in high school, one of my friend’s parents had a copy machine at home. Since it was the early 90s, I found it both fascinating and strange. Fast forward 25 years and copiers are still one of the most ubiquitous office machines around. As it turns out, though, the copier is an essential office product in myriad environments.

Conferences and Conventions If you have ever attended a business conference or convention, you know that handouts are par for the course. Even in our digital world, printed handouts, fliers, and schedules are everywhere at events. All of these documents must to be printed before the event, and often copies are made on-site as needed. Every hotel or conference center boasts a business office or lounge with a copy machine.

School Days Again, despite the influx of technology in education, the copy machine is still a go-to piece of equipment. In addition to being a key way to produce hand-outs for classrooms full of students, it is essential for student projects. Although students rely heavily on the Internet, its often still necessary to copy information for future reference offline. Plus, the school’s main office always needs to this key office product for day-to-day operations.

Home Office With more and more people freelancing and telecommuting a copier is not just a formal office product. Many desktop laser printers are multitasking dreams, allowing users to print, copy, scan and more, expediting projects and saving money. When working from home, no one wants to have to run to the copy shop at the last minute.

It can be easy to overlook but, regardless of the location or type of business, having a copier on-site is a necessity for saving time and money. For more information on which state-of-the-art copiers and office products can help you, contact USB today.

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