At United Business Systems, we take the kind of pride that people in Buffalo and Rochester expect when it comes to taking the best possible care of our customers. As our motto says, “Solutions. Technology. Trust.” We don’t just pick and choose which of those ideals we want to honor at any given moment. Instead, every single day, in every single way we strive to offer all three of them in everything we do. That’s what our community and our clients deserve. 

One major way we honor our motto is by only offering the finest products available on the market. If we don’t believe that a product offers exceptional value and quality, solves our customers business productivity challenges in an elegant way, and is able to be fully supported by our team of local experts, then we won’t offer it. Period. 

Our recent commitment to Docuware document management software is a great example of this. After doing tons of research and trying to figure out the best system to provide workflow automation and document management for our clients, we settled on Docuware because it offers the greatest combination of user-friendly functionality, flexibility, and true process-enhancing power for companies of all sizes. 

In fact, not only are we offering Docuware as part of our suite of products, we’ve also been using it everyday to help manage the health and safety of our workforce and customers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Every day when our employees come to work, they’re greeted with this sign on the front door:

How We Use DocuWare to Keep Our Team Safe

When they scan the QR code, they’re automatically brought to a screen with a simple health screening, as pictured here: 

How We Use DocuWare to Keep Our Team Safe

Upon completion of the form, each employee hits submit, and then Docuware takes over! It routes the completed forms to necessary personnel (i.e. managers of each department) and creates a full, trackable, searchable record. We even have automated rules that create different routed paths depending on different answers given to the questions. 

Essentially, with no manual effort from our team (apart from filling out the form), we’re able to have a fool-proof process in place that offers peace of mind to our team and ensures that we’re NEVER putting customers at risk. 

If you’d like to talk more about setting up a similar system for your company (or exploring the myriad other workflow possibilities of Docuware), we’re here to help. 

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