Have you considered investing in a wide format printer? More businesses than ever are considering this technology, and the reasons vary from marketing to building blueprints. Wide format printers are becoming more affordable as technology improves, and businesses are finding that they can improve profitability and productivity by owning one.

Why Wide Format?

Wide format printers are improving every day, and as wide format technology is becoming faster, sleeker, and more affordable, the machines are becoming prolific. Whereas wide format printers used to be a rarity and available only to a few lucky companies, now they’re in offices in every industry.

Wide format printers have the ability to produce high-quality results at a high speed, and keep an impressive volume month-to-month. Here are a few of the technologies behind wide format printing.

  • Droplet technology. Advancements droplet technology have created wide format printers with impressive DPI (dots per square inch) that makes finished products vivid, clear, and stunning.
  • Distinguishing abilities. In the printer business, we talk about something call the “ability to distinguish,” which refers to how a printer treats text and images. High-quality wide format printers can distinguish between text and images to create sharper products.
  • Speed. You may not think of the speed of a printer as one of your first considerations, but it’s a vital one. Especially since wide format printers often replace outsourcing for companies, being able to produce high-quality results quickly is crucial.

If you’re interested in Canon wide format printing, contact us. We can help you find the right machine for your company.

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