An interactive white board can make your home office environment much more convenient and allow you to collaborate with coworkers much more easily. Still, the options and technical specifications can feel overwhelming. It can be challenging to figure out which interactive white board is right for your situation. Luckily, UBS makes it easy to choose with its selection of RICOH interactive white boards.

RICOH Interactive White Board D3210BK

At 32″, the RICOH Interactive White Board D3210BK is the perfect addition to a home office setup. It can be mounted or placed flat on any surface and can be paired with video communication hardware, collaboration apps, cloud services, and more. It’s enabled for two-way interaction and sharing with up to 20 remote meeting attendees. If you opt for a collaborative license, each of the 20 attendees on the software can connect to 50 additional devices. This means that these white boards are suitable for meetings with as many as 1,000 viewers. The white board’s collaboration apps use a minimum amount of network power, allowing you to participate in these large meetings without lag or bandwidth constraints.

A glare-free touchscreen and LED backlighting provide you with a sharp, clear display, so every presentation detail is easy to see and interpret. The D3210BK also has easy controllers and a Quick Start mode, allowing you to start your presentation easily and with no delay.

White Board Options

RICOH Interactive White Boards with Windows 10-based Controller (D5520, D6510, D7500, D8600)

RICOH interactive white boards with Windows 10-based controllers provide all the same collaboration and engagement options as the D3210BK but come in various sizes. With screen resolutions of either HD or 4K and screen sizes from 55″ to 86″, you’re sure to find a display that fits you perfectly.

The Windows-based controllers allow you to operate your interactive white board display without connecting to a dedicated computer and without investing in expensive proprietary software. The white boards easily integrate with commonly used apps like Skype for Business for streamlined video conferencing and presenting. An optional add-on service also allows you to collaborate with large numbers of remote participants in different locations without limited bandwidth or slow network speeds. With a stable connection and real-time annotation, collaborating with a large group of coworkers from home has never been easier.

UBS offers a variety of RICOH interactive white boards for your home office. Contact a UBS specialist today to find the right option for your remote situation.

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