Knowing when to update your office technology is not always cut and dry. Sometimes your wide format printer just needs a tune-up or some software updates. Other times, it must be upgraded to a newer model to accomplish what you need. Here are some red flags to look out for when determining if your WFP needs to be replaced.

  • Does Not Meet Business Needs One of the great things about wide format printer is that they fill a need that other in-house printers cannot meet. So, when your printer can no longer execute your projects, it ceases to meet your needs. Perhaps your business has grown, and your requirements have changed, or industry standards have shifted. Regardless of the reason, old large format printers must be replaced with newer, more efficient models that have additional features. No amount of software updates can replicate the technology available in cutting-edge options.

  • Compliance Issues If your new operating system is making life harder because it isn’t compatible with outdated devices, an upgrade might be in order. When old hardware can no longer communicate effectively with a new system, it results in crashes, setbacks, and frustration. That being said, if your IT department has implemented a new OS or network, be sure to update you WFP to check for compatibility before purchasing a new device.

  • Lack of Supplies If ink and print heads are becoming more and more difficult to obtain, your device is probably obsolete. Technology advances rapidly making supplies and parts for older models increasingly hard to find. If this is the case, a new wide format printer will resolve this issue with readily available ink.

  • Printing Takes Longer One of the most visible ways older wide format printers show their age is through print speed, which slows down over time. Even if the print rate was sufficient when you purchased it, if it continues to take longer and longer to print your designs, it is time for a new machine. Contemporary WFPs have faster warm-up and print times.

The bottom line is that if your current wide format printer makes your job harder, rather than easier, it is probably time for a new machine. We rely on technology to propel us forward, not hold us back—if your printer is no longer meeting your business needs and you have applied all available patches and software updates, investing in a new one is the best option.

Not sure if you need a new device or can still rely on your current model? Contact us for a free technology assessment.

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