You’ve learned from managing a business long enough that when something will improve your company, you want to take advantage of it. Don’t overlook helpful tools that save time and money while sharing your vision and story with the world.

An example of this is wide format printing – large-scale, vivid images with high-quality production and graphics at your fingertips. Is wide format right for your company? Probably, but read on to decide for yourself.

Wide Format – The Basics

Wide format printers are just like any other office device – you can purchase the machine, train with it quickly, and run your own wide format operations in-house.

But do you need it? Here’s how major industries benefit from wide format.

Wide Format Industry Benefits

  • Architecture – This one is obvious, but it’s important to ensure that your office has an in-house device and production system so that you are saving money.

  • Education – Can you share plans, ideas, brainstorming sessions, and assignments small scale? You can, but it probably isn’t making the most of your vision. Get the point across with a large scale image.

  • Marketing – Marketing needs big pictures to tell big stories Get ahead of the pack by showing your brand boldly.

  • Planning – Building, planning, design, and construction are all industries that need large tools to show scope and scale of a project. Empower your employees with a set up for success.

Invest in Wide Format

Talk to United Business Systems to make the investment in a wide format printer. Your business will benefit. Contact UBS today.

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