Have you heard the buzz about wide format printing? Maybe you’re an old pro and have a wide format printer in your office, or maybe you’re not sure what wide format printing even is. If you’re in the last group, this blog post is for you.

Wide Format Printing Explained

So what is wide format printing? Generally speaking, wide format printing refers to anything bigger than the usual printing suspects—typically anything larger than around 8.5×11 or 11×17. Wide format printing is also referred to as large format or grand format printing.

Although the actual size of wide format printing can vary greatly, here are a few general categories that give you an idea of what wide format printing produces.

  • Window posters
  • Wall posters
  • Maps and charts
  • Large-scale wall calendars
  • Vehicle clings
  • Store displays
  • Promotional signs
  • Banners

Can You Use a Wide Format Printer?

Many companies aren’t sure they’ll use a wide format printer and worry that it would be a wasted investment. But wide format printers can be an important turning point for creating a vibrant and game-changing marketing plan. With the fluidity of today’s marketplace, it’s important to have the flexibility to change directions at a moment’s notice. Wide format gives you the tools to create, tweak, optimize, and deploy your own print marketing plan from storefront to roadside.

If you’re considering a Canon wide format printer for your business, contact us today. We can help you find the right device for your company’s needs.

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