Document management is an integral part of any business. It can become more complicated when organizations operate remotely, but a cloud-based document management system can be hugely beneficial in creating efficiencies across departments.

Human Resources

Human resources departments handle crucial operating decisions like who to hire, how to onboard new employees, and how to manage staff. A document management system can automate employee record creation, HR files, and other documents. It allows HR managers to store application forms and emails in one place for easy retrieval. With a document management system, automating welcome and orientation emails can also improve the employee onboarding process.


Document management systems are useful throughout all facets of finance and accounting departments. A system like Docuware can quickly and easily capture invoices and match them to purchase orders, reducing invoice handling and eliminating the human error that comes with manual data entry. Document management systems can also speed up invoice collection by linking related documents for faster processing and payment management.

Uses of Remote Document Management Systems

Financial audits can also be made easier by document management systems. Docuware can store full and secure records of all business transactions, including emails, contracts, and other confidential information. This means that you’ll be able to access historical data when you need it without delays, from anywhere.

Sales and Marketing

Using document management systems like Docuware, sales and marketing departments can capture leads with web forms that can be routed directly to the right sales team. These systems also allow teams to store critical sales and marketing materials in a digital repository for retrieval from anywhere. This means that coworkers and employees can share relevant documents and information remotely, securely, and instantly.

UBS offers document management solutions that work for a variety of teams and businesses. No matter your remote business needs, speak to one of our specialists today to find the best fit for you.

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