Let’s face it: printing costs are easy to ignore, and just as easy to rack up.

Recent Gartner research mentions that businesses can save up to 30% on print-related costs simply by reducing inefficiencies. That’s easy to do, and people rarely even notice when you cut out wasteful practices. To redeem 30% of costs? Time to get moving.

Print Waste and Expense Explained

Print waste covers a broad spectrum of the office environment, making it hard to track down but also something that can quickly explode.

For example, extra supplies could be sitting unused (or even ignored) in company storage, there may be multiple service contracts for one machine, and you may not even know how much time is spent changing cartridges and troubleshooting basic print problems.

How to Cut Costs and Reduce Excess

Cutting these expenses comes down to creating a print strategy and proactively managing your print environment.

With a reliable office management partner, simplifying company printing habits and implementing sustainable solutions is easy with a managed service.

Are Managed Print Services the Answer?

Print managment is the only service that addresses every issue in printing waste. Managed print services will address waste and overly expensive problems and printing habits.

Managed print will make your print environment lean and efficient, meaning no extra cost will go toward paper and toner, so your budget can be used to expand your business.

Start Your Print Management Services Today

United Business Systems operates print management services that are specific to your business and easy to implement quickly.

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