Document storage is mission critical in today’s business environment. There are various document solutions available, but here we look at the advantages of digital document storage to determine if it is the best option for your organization.

Digital Storage

Due to its many advantages, digital document storage is more popular than ever. This paperless solution enables you to easily organize, store, and access all of your documents. It also takes up little-to-no physical space in your office and does not require any off-site storage. With office space at a premium, this option frees up much-need space while securing your information.

Security and Access

Digitizing documents and files increases security. Digital document solutions allow you to limit access and password-protect files. You can also backup documents to prevent loss of data. Backups can be done manually or automatically depending on your needs. Storing files to a back-up server or cloud-based storage solution protects against disaster and increases peace of mind.

Additionally, digital files can be swiftly located based on keywords, tags, and metadata. No more digging around in the old file room for a specific document; locate it digitally using specific search criteria. Easy access keeps your business flowing smoothly. Day-to-day tasks become more efficient, and you can quickly and easily send a file to a client or coworker.

Making the Move

While the security and access of digital storage sounds unbeatable, transitioning from hard-copy files to a paperless solution can be a daunting task. Scanning and cataloging files are no easy feat, but, luckily, UBS is here to help. Once you decide to upgrade your document storage, contact us and learn how our document management systems can help your business.

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