Regardless of what type of printer you are using, one of the most important elements of any print program is the ability to track your printing. Tracking enables you to keep a handle on production and costs. While we have often discussed the many benefits of wide format printers and how they can help your business, here we explore how to track of your printing on an MFP.

Tracking How-Tos

Because wide format printers are more sophisticated than your average printer, tracking consists of more than just measuring paper and usage.

WFPs print from a large roll of paper rather than by sheet, so output must be measured per square foot. To assist you with tracking, most wide format models are equipped with a meter or software that measure and provide print production data.

If you currently have a wide format printer that did not come equipped with tracking software, don’t worry as there are myriad options available, including cloud-based, server-based, and workstation-based. Your choice will be dictated by compatibility with your WFP model and individual needs.

Why You Should Track

Tracking on any type printer is essential to measuring your print costs and controlling your budget. Is also helps you pinpoint the exact cost of a job before you even print it, ensuring the most efficacious results. Being able to analyze the cost of individual jobs or projects lets you see exactly how much of a projects’ budget was spent specifically on print costs. This is particularly important for tracking billable and non-billable jobs. Plus, all of the data you gather enables you to cut expenses.

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