While there are many advantages to wide format printers, there are also considerations to factor in when deciding upon one for your business. Output, cost, and size are just some of the issues to examine before making a commitment.

Color Options

Wide format printers, or WFPs, offer the option to print in color, black, and white, or both. The type of business that you run and type of documents that you are printing will determine your ink color requirements.

If you primarily print text-based documents or CAD, simple a black and white printer should be fine; however, if you print anything with sophisticated graphics, such as posters or banners, color is a must.

What if you print both? Then you can choose whether or not you need both types of machines, or if just a color printer will work for you. Factoring in the amount of printing you do can help you decide—the cost of printing in black and white versus color is very similar at lower print volumes.

Image Quality

Beyond color, it is imperative to think about the print quality you need. Again, much of this will be determined by what you require of your WFP. When it comes to image quality, it is not just about dots per inch.

The image quality for black and white machines is fairly standard across various media. But, when you are printing in color, the type of paper or stock you are using can make a huge difference. To see what looks best, we recommend trying both before deciding. Want a free demo? Call us today at 800-293-4122.

Cost Considerations

We know that cost is a big factor when selecting any type of new printer. And while it can seem like going with the lowest cost is the best idea, there are other issues to take into consideration. It is not as simple as jus the initial cost; ongoing operational costs and hidden fees should be taken under advisement when assessing your ROI.

Be sure you understand what is includes in the initial cost—delivery, supplies, service, warranty, etc.—before you commit to a particular product. High running costs, low-quality output, and untimely setbacks can all sabotage an otherwise solid investment.

Now that you know the top three questions to answer prior to selecting a Canon wide format printer, it is time to take the next step. Contact UBS today for help selecting your next printer.

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