Are you a small business trying to make it in today’s fast moving global economy? We know you need all the help you can get managing your business, maximizing productivity and profitability, and reducing unnecessary expenses. The great news is that managed print services can help you achieve these goals a lot more.

  1. Lower Costs Since print is typically the third highest operating cost (behind rent and payroll), tightening up print expenditures is a vital concern for small businesses. Starting with the initial infrastructure assessment, we can identify areas of savings. A thorough review of your print program, including your entire fleet, as well as print activities and demands will reveal hidden costs and highlight areas for improvement.

  2. Streamlined Expenses In addition to lowering your costs, MPS enables you to base your budget on hard numbers ascertained from actual usage—not estimates and forecasts. More accurate statistics help with overall budgeting and cost reduction.

  3. Monitoring With managed print services, you will benefit from continuous oversight and monitoring of all print activities and outflows. This thorough supervision offers you a big-picture view of your print events, supply needs, and service concerns. All of this helps you run at maximum efficiency and eases the burden on your IT staff.

  4. Consolidation and Consistency Consolidating all of your print items with one vendor is a smart and straightforward way to streamline your processes and invoices and build a solid working relationship. Using a single supplier ensures more reliable services and consistency of product and services. With centralized product procurement and invoices, you know you are getting reliable quality and service.

According to statistics from UK-based OKI Systems, 66 percent of small and medium businesses did not know exactly how much they spent on print in 2015. To ensure that you are in the 34 percent who do know what they are spending, take control of your print program with managed print services from UBS.

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