Even though we rely heavily on digital technology, printing is still part of daily life for most businesses. And while it may be a necessity, it does not have to be an exorbitant expense. From managed print services to wireless printing, here are some popular and lesser-known tips for cutting print-related costs.

  1. Assess Your Setup One of the best first steps you can take is completing a total print assessment that includes your entire fleet. This will help highlight areas of waste and opportunities for improvement. For example, is your outdated copier costing more than you realize just to maintain it?

  2. “Follow Me” Printing “Follow me” printing is a hidden gem of an option that allows users to print to a shared queue, then release their print job from any compatible printer or device. This reduces the issue of employees printing a document and then forgetting it on the print, and helps ensure confidentiality.

  3. Invest in Wireless Wireless printing lets you can print from an electronic device without physically having to connect with a wire. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, then you can opt for wireless print, boosting productivity and meeting the needs modern employees.

  4. Manage Your Print Managed print services have become immensely popular with good reason—they help you save money and keep you organized. Partnering with a managed print services provide means that we will handle all general printer maintenance and supply needs for you.

  5. Capture and Control Capture, monitor, and control protocols are imperative to reducing your business costs. Capture means that you track all print details and activities. Monitoring allows you to keep track of who/what/where/how much is being printed so you can detect trends and spot areas of savings. Control, as it sounds, allows you to curtail print activity using the insights gleaned from steps one and two.

  6. Partner Smart If you are looking for a third-party partner to help you manage you print costs, be sure to research thoroughly to find the best match for your particular challenges.

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