When you’re looking for answers to printing problems – and we all are, at some point – it’s good to know what to look for in a dealer to partner with, a machine, and features to ask for.

Know Your Needs

First off, it’s best to know exactly how employees use your devices, what features they wish they had, and how to improve productivity by investing in high-quality machines.

For example, maybe they have a work-around for issues that could be fixed with a different type of device, or there is an alternative way to approach a problem that can solve it instead of taking up time and money to prevent issues. Below, we’ve lined out a few topics to consider when reinventing your office print environment.

Ask for Features

The best way to find out about new, helpful features is just to ask. Your dealer can let you know about features you need, those that may not matter to your business, and prioritize what you want to find in a new device.

Explore Other Options

There is more than just printing and copying to look into – are you interested in production print? Would a wide format printer be helpful in your business?

If you have marketing materials or new products or are looking to grow, there may be even better print solutions than just a new device. Wide format printing or production printing are great examples of machines that can be an essential investment in your business.

Also, if you currently outsource some of this work – production or wide format – maybe it’s time to consider cutting costs by bringing it in-house.

Secure a Service Agreement

To ensure reliable, timely service, be sure to talk about a service agreement before you buy. You want to know how the service department works, and make your expectations clear before you need a repair.

Get in Touch

United Business Systems can help compare what is available and offer options that will benefit your business. Contact us today to get started.

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