Here’s the great news about managed print: It’s a plug-and-play, easy-to-use, straightforward solution that can work for nearly any business. The even better news? If you’re committed to thinking outside the box and putting in a little legwork, you’ll have an even more revolutionary experience with managed print services.

Businesses are turning to managed print services to increase productivity, optimize digital workflows, and increase security. These tasks can best be accomplished with the buy-in of all employees and a robust partnership. Here’s how to get the most out of your managed print services contract.

1. Think of This as a Partnership

Your managed services provider isn’t just a vendor; they’re a partner in your company’s future. They may take over jobs that your overtaxed IT department was doing, so they’re coming on as a part of your team. When you think of your managed services plan as a partnership, you’re more likely to move forward and optimize your print environment.

2. Commit to the Plan

Your managed services provider will present you with a detailed plan for overhauling and improving your print environment. Some of the plan’s bullet points might seem difficult to implement, but it’s important to commit to the plan to get the full results. Again, this is a partnership with the shared aim of making your more efficient and reducing overall print environment costs.

3. Get Buy-in

Finally, any major organizational change requires buy-in from all parties involved. When you’re changing processes, equipment, and workflows, it’s important that employees and managers don’t feel like their needs haven’t been considered. Keep everyone in the loop and request feedback often.

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