Production printing—that method of cost-effectively printing high-volume with fast turn-around—is on the rise. Once the territory of printing invoices and policies, production print has moved into the mainstream and is seeing significant growth.

Driving Demand

Where is the boom coming from? Research shows that major demand is originating from the media and advertising industry as well as publishing and transactional applications, such as bills, checks, and statements.

According to Markets and Markets blog, global shipment of production printers is expected to be nearly 76,000 units by the end of 2022. At that rate, the market is set to hit 5,219.1 million in value in that same timeframe.

Location, Location, Location

North America is expected to be the largest production printer market, with Asia-Pacific not far behind, with the highest compound annual growth rate. Ongoing regional development and high demand in Japan are driving the potential in this area. Again, the transactional application segment is expected to lead the market is although the market for labels and package is anticipated to have the highest growth rate.

Tech Perspective

From a technology perspective, inkjet production printers —which provide high-quality, high-speed color print—look to grow at the fastest rate during this evolving period.

Although production inkjet printers have been in use for more than ten years, it was primarily for to transactional printing applications. Now, continue feed inkjet models are replacing offset print for books, catalogs, marketing collateral and more. Their reliability, efficiency, and lower costs boast an advantage in several markets.

On the flip side, there is still a high demand for digital materials, such as e-books and digital advertisement, which could challenge growth projections. As we are well aware, our Internet-based world has been harsh on the print industry for some time. Nevertheless, print demand does not look to be going away anytime soon, and production print looks to be on the upswing.

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