Managed print solution, managed print services, print management, etc. Lots of different titles that mean one thing for you—help managing all of you print needs. When you hear the term managed print solution are you still unsure of what it specifically entails? If so, you are not alone. MPS is detailed and complex, but it doesn’t have to be confusing. Here are the core components of a managed print solution.

  1. Assessment A comprehensive print assessment is a critical initial step in the managed print process. This is where we gather all of the information regarding the current state of your print program and fleet. We will inventory all of your equipment; the print volume of each device, and the associated costs. The assessment includes all workflows and processes across all department and locations that have print components or elements. Depending on the size and scope of your organization, this process can take a week to a month to complete.

  2. Planning Once we complete the assessment, we craft a report and begin putting a plan in place. Together we will review the findings and present you with options for improving your systems, including hardware, software, and workflows and a detailed execution plan.

  3. Execution Here is where we make things happen! Once we have agreed upon a plan, we will get into more detailed items like service and maintenance agreements and printer contracts. This is also where you will truly see how much money you can save by engaging managed print services with UBS. Then the most exciting part—installing equipment so you can get moving with your new system in place.

  4. Review and Support In some ways, the final stage of MPS is the most important—continuing the relationship. Once you are up and running we don’t just walk away; we are here whenever you need us. We perform systematic oversight and periodic review to ensure that your entire print program is proficient and cost-effective.

With managed print services from UBS, you get top-notch technical solutions combined with unparalleled support. Get started today with a free assessment!

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