With many people working from home, either part- or full-time, figuring out the best setup for a remote office is critical. Having a well-arranged work environment can boost your mood and your productivity. Read on for some tips on how to create a home office that works for you.


Some people have a spare room or a basement that they can easily turn into a remote office. For those who don’t have that space available to them, think of using space creatively. Your kitchen table is sometimes an option, but consider places like unused corners in larger rooms as alternatives for more permanent, convenient locations.

Other Users

Be sure to pick an office space, furniture, and equipment according to who will be using it. If children will be using your desk for homework or you’ll be sharing your workspace with others in the home, you may want to consider a different setup than if you alone will be using your home office.

The Best Way to Set Up Your Home Office


Having good lighting in your workspace can make a huge difference in your remote work experience. Natural light can help boost both mood and productivity. To prevent eye strain and headaches, indirect lights with shades or diffusers that soften light are a great option. They create less glare and will be easier on your eyes.

Quality Equipment

More than anything, having quality office equipment is key to a productive work environment. Be sure to invest in furniture that is comfortable enough to use all day. Your desk and monitor should be at a height where your forearms and wrists are parallel to the floor if you sit up straight. It is also crucial to have technology that can handle your workload. A great computer and printer are essential to your home office. When choosing a printer, keep in mind that laser is cheaper to operate than inkjet. Laser printers, like those produced by Brother, last for years and don’t suffer from the dried ink problem that often happens in rarely-used inkjet printers.

UBS can help you find the right technology for your home office. From printers to interactive whiteboards, we have a variety of products that will fill your needs. Talk to a specialist today to discover the perfect tools for your remote work environment.

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