Many offices are now adjusting to remote work as a new way of doing business. When coworkers and employees work separately, it can be challenging to keep everyone on the same page. A document management system is a great way to organize and track documents so that everyone in an organization can stay up-to-date.

What is document management?

Document management is a system that helps organize paper and digital files in a central digital repository. It allows all employees within an organization to process, capture, store, manage, and track documents remotely so that everyone in a company can stay informed regardless of company size. A standard document management system contains several components essential to handling paperwork in a remote environment.

The Benefits of Document Management

Standard Components

A document management system should be able to process documents from various sources, including scanners and printers, and store them in a central digital repository. From there, users should be able to set rules controlling who can access which documents. These rules are essential for any records of a confidential nature. Document management systems also make it easier to automatically scan and index documents for streamlined tracking and retrieval. Sharing and collaboration are also simplified with document management; people can work on the same documents across multiple systems without fear of loss or creating multiple versions.

Benefits of Document Management

With a document management system like Docuware, you can spend less time searching for files and reduce the amount of paper you have to use. Docuware can help you quickly organize and find content, and it allows you to keep master copies in a central location for easy access.

Document management systems also allow users to protect their information and ensure data is compliant with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR. You can set administrative rights to keep documents private and keep secure backups so that you never lose necessary paperwork. Docuware can also integrate with other programs to automate processes and manage and share documents, files, financial information, and emails. Some examples of programs that Docuware can integrate with are:

  • SAP,
  • Microsoft Dynamics,
  • Sage,
  • Microsoft Sharepoint,
  • QuickBooks,
  • and Microsoft Outlook.

UBS can provide your business with the document management solutions that fit your needs. Contact a specialist today to learn more about Docuware and how it can help improve your remote business.

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