There are numerous advantages to wide format printers. However, due to misconceptions about the size and costs, many businesses look past them to other options. We want to change the perception that wide format print is just for ad agencies and design firms. Who knows, maybe a WFP is right for your business.

Why Wide Format Matters

Long a staple of the marketing and advertising industries, wide format prints have become much more mainstream due to their flexibility and efficiency. Despite our reliance on technology and digital documents, print is still a necessity and probably always will be.

The ability to print large-scale projects in-house saves significant time and money. By investing in a wide format printer, you can print high-quality images quickly without having to outsource to a vendor, offering greater control and flexibility.

Need for Speed

Wide format printers are known their speed and efficiency. Their ability to produce high-quality images and crisp text make them imperative for graphic- and photo-heavy posters and banners. And, since these printers boast intuitive technology, you can print in color or monochrome depending on the job.

Flexibility and Value

With time and money savings a pressing concern for businesses of all sizes and industries, wide format printers have far-reaching impacts. These machines offer multiple functions and options to meet your specific business needs. Although an MFP might initially seem like a significant expense, the many benefits outweigh the initial investment. And, you will save money over the life of the device.

So, if you need to print anything from a banner to a poster to a trade show booth graphic, consider a wide format printer as a solution.

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