Working remotely can feel very isolating when you’re used to working in a team environment. Fortunately, with their video conferencing and collaborative document editing capabilities, RICOH interactive white boards provide the opportunity to conduct teambuilding exercises that can make coworkers feel more connected even as they continue to work apart.

“Do You Know Your Team” Virtual Icebreaker

Before your next team meeting, have each team member answer three fun questions about themselves. The questions can be as simple as their favorite food or their favorite show to watch before bed. Once the questions have been answered, put all of the responses anonymously on a document shared on the interactive white board. At the next meeting, have people interact with the document to write down their guesses and vote for who said what. Then, reveal the answers! This exercise is a great way to break the ice with a new team of coworkers or make sure that established teams stay connected.

Team Activities on Interactive White Boards

Company Goals Roadmap

As we kick off the new year, businesses need to take stock of where they are and where they want to go. Even when working remotely, technology makes it possible to get input from coworkers and employees on that direction. Using your RICOH interactive white board, you can have each team member write down three ideas for what they’d like the company to achieve or how they’d like the company to grow in the coming year. You can then use those responses to create a document describing your company’s goals, achievables, and needs for 2021.

Team Values Collaboration

For larger organizations composed of departments or teams, it may be beneficial to break the company goals activity into those smaller groups. These departments can then use the interactive white boards to write down and vote on a list of goals that the team can work toward throughout the year. The RICOH interactive white board controls allow you to see up to eight screens, so it’s easy to compare and contrast ideas and lists.

UBS provides a variety of home office solutions, including RICOH interactive white boards that can make communicating and collaborating with your coworkers so much easier while in a remote environment. Contact a UBS specialist today to find out which interactive white board solution is right for you.

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