When it comes to printing, we expect our technology to get the job done for us when we need it. But, if you don’t have the right equipment for the job, you can find yourself frustrated and behind schedule. If you are currently outsourcing large-scale print jobs, it might be time to invest in a wide format printer for your office. Not sure if you need one? Here are three subtle signs that it is time to upgrade.

  1. It makes things harder, rather than easier. If your current printer—standard or wide format, is making your life harder rather than easier, than it is time for an upgrade. The whole point of printers and copiers is to help us get jobs done more efficiently. If your print technology is giving you problems rather than solving them, something is not right. Similarly, if you print jobs seem to be taking forever, it is time to reassess. If you have an older WFP, chances are it is showing its age by slowing down and taking longer to complete jobs. Remember, printers should work for you, not against you.

  2. It doesn’t meet your needs. Let’s say you have a multifunction printer that has been serving you well for the past few years. Perhaps the technology is not outdated, per se, but you have outgrown its capabilities. Your business is continually evolving, and you need equipment that can keep pace with you. If your go-to printer can’t keep up with your new demand, you should consider upgrading to a wide format printer that will grow along with you.

  3. The little snags are adding up. Remember when you first got your wide format printer and it was amazing? Now, outdated drivers don’t mesh with the latest IT upgrades and finding the appropriate supplies for your printer is becoming increasingly more difficult. All of these once-small hindrances are now adding up and leading to errors, setbacks, and wasted time. If your older model’s “quirks” have become major headaches or it is more than eight years old, an upgrade is in the near future.

If you are experiencing any of the pain points listed above, contact us for expert advice on investing in new wide format printer.

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