As legal professionals, you have a responsibility to protect your clients and their information. Unfortunately, outdated document management systems and the old-fashioned method of relying on paper files can result in insufficient security for your clients and could expose you and your firm to costly lawsuits and fines. Upgrading to a new, state-of-the-art document management system can help you avoid those penalties and, most importantly, keep your clients safe. Document management systems such as DocuWare have security features that are consistently updated to comply with data privacy regulations, so sensitive firm and client information is always safeguarded and employees and clients alike are afforded the privacy mandated by law.

Although law firms take their responsibilities to their clients seriously, it is easier than you may think for your firm to experience a data breach or leak. Traditional paper storage has little actual security and outdated technology may not be properly equipped to handle modern demands. And, as careful as employees might be, people do make mistakes and occasionally use unsecured personal devices to access private data. Firm processes also may not adequately take risks into account when files are accessed, sent, printed, or downloaded.

Keeping Client Data Safe

If you feel that your firm’s document management system is inadequate for growing client demands and stringent privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, you are far from alone. Any firm in possession of personal data from European Union citizens is subject to the GDPR, and any firm that stores personal health information like Social Security numbers or medical records and bills is obligated to comply to HIPAA. However, almost a third of all law firms have a document management system more than five years old and over a quarter have reported more than two security breaches within the past two years. And, despite the FTC stating that personal client information should only be kept as long as there is a business reason for it, over one-third of law firms report that a portion of their data is out-of-date. The majority of firms – close to 60% – have no governance policies in place across the whole organization and haven’t trained employees consistently on how to keep clients safe, even though data breaches can easily cost firms upwards of $7,350,000 and HIPAA violations alone can result in fines of up to $1,500,000. 

Secure Digital Document Solutions

Updating your document management system reduces the need for human intervention, helping to align compliance processes across practice areas and improve accuracy and accountability. In order to create a secure document ecosystem within your firm, there are a few things to take into consideration. First, it is important to find a solution that allows for document sharing and collaboration but provides protection at the file level. This allows administrators to see and control who has access to clients’ information and in what capacities, making it easier for your firm to construct and maintain a consistent security policy. Remote solutions are a necessity in the modern work environment where people split time between work and home. A system like DocuWare allows you to set up authenticated connections for access to client documents, meaning that your clients’ information is secure no matter where employees are working. Docuware also has systems in place to make sure that files are stored securely for the required amount of time and then removed from the system in compliance with FTC guidelines.

UBS cares about your firm and offers a suite of products to protect it and its reputation. Along with document management systems like DocuWare, we also offer software like mxHERO, which converts email attachments into links so you can revoke access to the document in the event you email the wrong person. Our Canon machine line is also partnered with McAfee on anti-intrusion software, so any document sent to a printer or scanner can only be accessed by authorized personnel. We offer these security options and more, all at competitive prices. To improve and customize your firm’s technology and security solutions, contact a UBS specialist today.

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