Paper is ubiquitous. Although digital files and data storage have also become a mainstay, we can’t seem to escape the need for paper. And while paper serves a purpose, it is expensive, bulky, and environmentally taxing. So, how can your business reduce its reliance on printing and paper files? Managed print services not only save money but also minimize print and print-related waste.

Non-Renewable Resource

In the United States alone, the average American uses more than 700 pounds of paper per capita, yearly. (Vision Earth). Paper, derived from trees, is an expensive limited resource, which means you could be spending thousands of dollars of year, per employee. Managing your print services will help you control the amount of paper your business prints, by location, printer, and employee.

Management and Money Savings

Managed print services are a great way to reduce all print-related expenses. After initially assessing your print program, UBS will pinpoint areas of improvement that translate into significant cost savings. In addition to saving money and improving efficiency, MPS offers so many effective business solutions. With managed print you can:

  • track who is printing and when and what they are printing
  • assign print quotas to employees to help reduce print waste
  • monitor the environmental impacts of your printing
  • secure your documents from unauthorized access

  • integrate managed solutions with your current print equipment or upgrade to newer, more efficient printers Overall, managed print services from United Business Systems can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Beyond cost savings, you can increase your security and improve your sustainability. Don’t waste time, contact us today and find out how we can save you money on print.

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