Many established law firms are steeped in tradition. The processes and systems that these firms have put in place play no small part in the prestigious reputations that help to attract clients, but they can also be a hindrance as legacy firms are left behind by technological advances. Once processes are established, it can be difficult to break out of a rut, even if disrupting that pattern does ultimately lead to more efficient processes. The time it takes to investigate and implement a new technology can lead to wasted time, lost money, and unhappy clients, so law firms need to make sure that any change they make is worth it.

Printing Products You Can Trust

When you need to make the switch to a new technology, finding one that you can learn fast and works well is key. UBS offers several products that allow you to improve the way your firm functions without sacrificing the things that you know work. Printers like the Canon A4 are agile and provide law firms with exactly the functions they need; this machine deals only with letter-sized and legal-sized paper, so you never have to worry about trays that aren’t relevant to your business. And, even the smallest Canon machines have dual scanning that can handle up to 270 images per minute, so you can print a large, high-quality document in seconds without wasting time.

Cloud-Based Document Management Systems

Document management systems like DocuWare also make law firm life easier. Docuware digitizes your client documents and accommodates device-side scanning. Because it’s a cloud-based solution, you never have to rely on an old server that can malfunction or require physical proximity to work. When you store your documents in the cloud, it means you can access them or print them from anywhere – including your mobile device. Docuware also speeds up your accounting process and provides workflow and approval processes for human resources, accounting, and case management.

Available Discounts for Law Firms

As an American Bar Association member, you are also eligible to receive discounts on our Lanier line of products and services, which includes everything from multifunction printers and interactive whiteboards to document and facilities management. With your ABA membership, you qualify for:

  • Up to 50% off list price for multifunction products
  • Up to 33% off list price for printers
  • Up to 20% off list price for other solutions

UBS understands that law firms need trusted technology they can adapt to quickly, which is why we offer a wide variety of products from well-respected companies that partner with organizations like the American Bar Association and the National Association of Bar Executives. These partnerships offer legal professionals discounts on top-of-the-line products from trusted brands like Canon and Lanier. Our trusted team of ATSP-certified professionals is also available for any maintenance and support calls, so you can be certain that the questions you have are being answered by trained experts. Contact a UBS specialist today to customize your law firm’s new technology suite.

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