We live in a DIY culture. From home shows promoting weekend warrior house repairs to Pinterest boards bursting with recipe ideas, we want to tackle things ourselves. There is a sense of achievement attached to completing a tough project yourself. So, why should wide format print be any different?

Too often businesses think that they must outsource their large format print jobs, but that is no longer the case. While years ago, WFPs may have been primarily for architects and designers, today, they are available and appropriate for nearly every business. If you still send out your wide format print projects, you are:

  • Spending too much money.
  • Giving away control over your project.
  • Sacrificing the quality of your project.
  • Wasting valuable time.

The World of Wide Format

WFPs are not just for creating blueprints. Multifunction wide format printers combine the best of both worlds enabling you to scan and copy as well as print in large format. Maps, banner, posters, advertisements and more can all be managed in-house, saving time and money. Options include black-and-white as well as color and sized range from 5wide to up to 40 feet long.

While you may not need all of the options available, wide format printers come with a variety of user-friendly functions: * Touchscreen controls right on the device. * Ability to connect to cloud-based services. * Security features, such as image overwrite and data encryption. * Ability to directly scan and save a large format document. * Resolution up to 2,400 dpi. * Tons of features in a space-saving design. * USB drive options and more.

Take advantage of the cost-savings and project execution options available in-house with your own wide format printer. Contact us for more information.

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