Some accounting professionals need little convincing that going paperless is a good move for their department or business.

However, it can seem like a huge jump. While keeping all invoicing, contracts, budgets, and payroll running smoothly, how would you switch to a digital office?

United Business Systems has document management solutions that will help your financial department gradually make the change to paperless – without getting behind or confusing anyone.

Let’s dig into document management a bit more to learn about pros and cons.

Is document management right for financial departments?

Going digital is a significant change, so it might also be something that you’ve put off for a while. Maybe it’s time to do a little extra research and take the next step.

To help you evaluate, we’ve listed pros and cons of document management.


  • Simple, streamlined storage – keep everything in one electronic place
  • Secure, password protected files
  • Increased compliance and privacy tools
  • Improved authorizations and contract processing
  • Faster communication with clients and coworkers


  • Switching office procedures
  • Time to scan in all documents to be part of the digital database
  • Training may be necessary for some employees
  • Big change in the workflow at first

Is it a good fit? Find out!

Talk to the document management experts at United Business Systems to see if document management is the right system for your organization’s financial department or another business area. Get answers to all of your questions – get in touch today!

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