Print ads are not only still popular; they are still necessary. While the digital age has changed the way that we do everything, it hasn’t done away with the appreciation of reading print materials.

At this point, there are benefits to both digital and print materials, and the same can be said for advertising.

Here, we break down a few thoughts about print vs. web and also introduce some great ideas for your advertising department.

Print or Web Advertising

Depending on your audience, reach, clientele, and business focus, you can evaluate with medium is most efficient whenever you advertise.

This selection can change frequently and often involves a marketing tool called an audience outline. After considering who you are focused on, you can decide the best strategy to reach them.

For example, a community event might benefit from a mix of flyers and Facebook advertising, whereas a quick pop-up shop might focus solely on digital marketing and a lecture for seniors would be well served with a print focus.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy

A key way to boost your marketing plans is to have all the tools you need for either type of marketing. For example, a skilled digital and design team can help with web ads, and graphic designers and a production printer can help get the word out when printed marketing materials make more sense.

Start with Production Printing

Production printing isn’t complicated – it’s an easy way to make a big splash in marketing, but investing in a machine can help your business save money as well.

Instead of outsourcing print projects, complete them in-house and save money while setting your timeline. United Business Systems can create a production printing solution that addresses all your needs – get in touch with us to learn more.

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