With so many printers on the market these days, it is easier than ever to find the best possible option for your specific business needs. Advances in technology have pushed such options as multifunctional printers and wide format printers into the mainstream.

Printing for Construction and Design

Long gone are the days of where a few basic models were supposed to meet the print necessities of all companies and industries. And, if you are in the building, engineering, or construction, you know just how critical wide format printers are.

Engineers, architects, builders, and designers require large-scale designs and documents to successfully execute their job functions. Effective work requires effective communication, and only a WFP can handle the demands of the design and build industries. The better architects and engineers can communicate with builders, the fewer mistakes and setbacks will occur during project execution.

The Needs for Large-Scale Tools

The inability to print and share large-scale designs such as blueprints and CAD documents can hinder productivity and increase costs. Only a WFP can produce the necessary high-quality, detailed prints of posters, maps, and architectural designs. In-house access to wide format equipment can save your business a significant amount of money on print and document scanning needs. Since the documents produced are clear and detailed, it reduces questions and confusion, which, in turn, eliminates time delays and costly errors.

The Big Benefits of Wide Format

Wide format printers offer many advantages over traditional office laser printers, which simply cannot handle the demands of large, detailed documents.

  • Instant warm-up from standby and fast print

  • Simultaneous printing and scanning capability

  • Easy-to-use touch controls

  • Print and scan to and from USB

  • Scan dozens of feet in just minutes

  • High-resolution for detailed images and crisp text

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable features

  • Compatible with multiple formats, including JPEG, TIFF, and PDF

So, whether you are an architect or engineer, designer or builder you can easily see that Canon wide format printers can handle the largest documents with the smallest details. If you want to know more, read this post about the quality and control of WFP.

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