The myriad rewards of managed print solutions are being recognized globally. Managed print is now a mainstream solution that all businesses—regardless of size or industry—can benefit from.

Through managed print solutions, United Business Systems will handle and maintain your print equipment and ancillary products. As your service provider, we will monitor and improve the efficiency of all your print needs, saving you time and money. While these reasons alone are enough for many organizations to jump on board, there are other factors driving the managed print service industry growth.

Green Juice

Environmental impacts are one of the most popular reasons to switch to a managed print solution. Cutting carbon output is a big concern for most organizations, as is reduced reliance on paper printing and increased use of digital documents. Our MP solutions enable you to curtail waste and decrease energy use, while increasing productivity and cost savings.

Staying Secure

Security is more critical than ever in today’s virtual, interconnected market. A vulnerable print network could sabotage an otherwise secure environment. Our managed print solution will secure your print domain, protecting critical information from unauthorized access. And we can help ensure that you are in compliance with state and federal confidentiality regulations.

Targeted Solutions

A professional managed print solution will save your business money and time by aligning your current document print program with your overall business goals. With a proper print plan in place to maximize output and minimize costs, you can focus on running your business rather than maintaining your printers.

Protecting the Bottom Line

Business printing often yields hidden costs, Managed print solutions can save you money by cutting unnecessary expenses. An MPS will ease the strain on your budget—cutting printer and equipment costs and reducing the amount spent on maintenance, repairs, and supplies. Decreased downtime means increased productivity and savings.

Contact UBS today and discover how a managed print can transform your print strategy.

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