Small businesses operate under unique circumstances, especially in comparison to larger businesses. However, one thing unites all small businesses: the desire to work both effectively and in the most cost-effective manner.

Small business owners might believe that going paperless is out of the question for their office. Today’s technology offers endless possibilities for any business that makes the move to paperless. Here are a few of the ways small businesses can benefit from paperless practices.

Cost Reduction

Office supplies often take up a big chunk of small business budgets. Often, the full impact of office supplies and administrative costs isn’t even realized without a comprehensive assessment. Adopting paperless practices enables businesses to cut costs associated with printing. From paper-related expenses such as paper and ink to admin costs like billable hours spent printing, the overall cost savings from paperless can make a tremendous difference.

Additional Savings

In addition to those cost savings, many businesses see further storage savings when bulky files are converted to digital documents and IT staff costs are cut due to less time on printer issues. Plus, digital documents are easy to store, locate, and retrieve, so your employees spend less time on managing paper.

Productivity Boosts

Cloud computing and digital documentation makes collaboration easy. Utilizing your multifunction printer to allocate workflows creates a much more productive office. Customers can be assisted quickly and even remotely, making for better customer service. Staying in compliance is easy with paperless, too.

You Have Support

Ready to make the move to a more paperless office? With United Business Systems, you have a unique partnership that can facilitate paperless adoptions. With document management, going paperless has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more!

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