Trendy might be great when it comes to shoes and music styles, but about when it comes to document printing? Believe it or not, there are trends in print as well. But luckily for you, managed print services can help you stay on track and avoid common pitfalls. Remember your hair in the 80s…don’t you wish someone had saved you from that trend?

More Than Mobility

It will come as a surprise to no one that the biggest trend in print is the same as it is for virtually all technology—mobile.

The current business climate is on-the-go, and employees need mobility and flexibility to get the job done away from the office. Mobile print is just an extension of the what many people are already doing—conducting business from their smartphone. And while this opens the doors of possibility, it also can make you vulnerable. Security is one the biggest concerns with any technology, but especially mobile.

Managed print can help secure all of your print needs…from your employees printing on the road to consultant printing on your machines from their mobile devices. Not only can you track who is printing, but you can also set security parameters to prevent unauthorized access to devices and documents.

Print Remains Popular

While mobility is often associated with digital, there will always be a need for print documents and managed print services can help you quickly audit and maintain your entire print program. Instead of worrying about keeping pace with trends, focus on stabilizing and maintaining all of your print initiatives.

MP services can help: * Enhance security and protect sensitive data * Increase sustainability and reduce paper waste * Reduce downtime and improve productivity * Simplify and streamline your entire print program.

Despite new technologies and sustainability initiatives, it is nearly impossible to be a paperless business. However, with proper programs in place, you can reduce your energy output, decrease paper waste, and increase cost savings. For help with MPS, contact United Business Systems today.

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