We know you are always looking for ways to improve your print environment and increase workplace productivity. While some optimizations might be obvious, others are subtle. With managed print services you get the best of both—overt, noticeable updates as well as indirect overall organizational improvements.

Print management is not one just one thing; it takes many forms and offers various benefits. Here is a look at three of the most common areas where managed print services can revolutionize your business print.

Costs and Consumables

Generally accepted statistics state the print can take up a large portion of business budgets, with as much as 10 percent of that amount going to print consumables, such as ink, toner, and paper. These “invisible” costs—integral to the print process—are easily overlooked and can add up quickly.

Print management factors consumables into the plan for reducing overall print costs. In addition to reducing overheads, MP can help curb paper and resource waste. Print management services will monitor your print usage and expenses for individual devices as well as your entire fleet, allowing you to see specific and general expenditures and identify areas for improvement.

Infrastructure Improvements

Infrastructure improvements cost money, but sometimes they are necessary to keep your business going strong. Often, improving your print program involves infrastructure improvements, but with the proper guidance, you can achieve more with less.

Our customized managed print services are tailored to your specific needs and budget, whether that means consolidating or expanding your infrastructure. We aim to develop a centralized server system that operates, monitors, and maintains your entire print fleet with minimal disruption to your infrastructure.

Supporting Productivity

Print disruptions, such as server snafus, improper maintenance, and devices crashes led to setbacks and loss of productivity. While this disrupts the employees who are executing projects, it can also burden IT and staff who are called in to resolve urgent technical issues. When you look at all of this wasted time it is easy to see how an improperly managed print fleet can sabotage and otherwise efficient office environment. With comprehensive managed print services, you have the necessary support to monitor and maintain all things print related, eliminating frustrating downtime and inefficiencies.

Ready to manage your print environment? Start with a free print assessment to identify what you are already going well and way you can improve your fleet.

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