Back to school means back to countless prints, copies, and stacks of paper–and that can be a drain on everyone, including students. Luckily, there’s an answer to paper woes: managed print services. With a variety of solutions designed to fit even the complex and unique needs of a school, using managed print services helps make learning smooth and easy.

Saving the Day

The average print environment has a lot of small issues that are probably overlooked, but can still cost time and money–and sometimes there are even big issues that are left alone just because no one is sure exactly how to fix them. That’s where managed print services comes in. With a host of experts who can tackle and solve any printer problem, no school will ever have to suffer from inefficient practices, confusing printer settings, or frustrating maintenance reminders.

Managed print services can help schools by:

  • identifying problem areas, like overworked IT departments, frustrated staff and students, mismatched devices and models, and lapses in efficiency;
  • introducing immediate benefits, providing everything from a stable budget to a host of new opportunities like mobile printing
  • creating a long-term plan, helping schools organize their printers so that every goal and need can be met–all while saving time and money

The idea of managed print services is to make sure the print environment is working for the school–not the other way around. With a combination of quick solutions for quick results and big-picture plans that will keep things running smoothly and efficiently long into the future, managed print can solve any paper woes. Plus, with advanced techniques like performance data, usage tracking, and more, it’s easier than ever to see what’s working and what’s not–which ensures that teachers and staff are back in control of their paper.

Wondering if managed print services can make a difference in your school? Contact us today!

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