Managed print services—the processes and software involved in managing all of your print needs—is of critical importance in many industries. And, as it turns out, in the healthcare industry, the proper management and security of printed documents (letters, data, patient files) can have a life altering affect on people.

Documents and Demands

Healthcare environments can include anything from doctors’ offices, hospitals, wellness centers, and assisted living facilities. And all of those businesses have the mighty responsibility of caring for people; however, along with that care comes huge print and document demands.

Managed print services can run an entire fleet of laser printers, copiers, scanners and more across various locations. Imagine the amount of equipment it takes to run a top-tier medical facility? This vast amount of printing comes with astronomical costs and often leads to inefficient practices and lost data. When it comes to patients’ lives, security risks cannot be taken.

Putting MPS in Place

With managed print services in place doctors and other medical professionals can focus on what truly matters: the patients. With new health initiatives and guidelines being passed, the need for print documents often increases. Implementing a system to track and manage print documents greatly reduces the risk of compromising confidential information and print-related waste. In additional, reducing waste helps with sustainability initiatives and decreases financial expenses.

Your Print Partner

At UBS we make the process simple from start to finish—from assessing your current print program to implementation and training, you can rely on us. Here are just some of the PM services we can provide:

  • Assessing and improving your print processes
  • Tracking all printers and print usage
  • Determining print quotas and reduced waste initiatives
  • Tracking and managing environmental impacts
  • Monitoring service and supply issues
  • Securing devices and documents against unauthorized access
  • Network integration and training.

So, if you are in the medical industry or any industry that requires vast amounts of secure print jobs, contact us today and learn how to save money, increase security, and reduce waste with managed print.

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