Coordinating services for a nonprofit is tough. There are more services available than ever before, but what is the best investment, will keep you focused on your mission, and save money?

Save Money by Outsourcing

For nonprofits, outsourcing is an excellent option. You can save on employee time and stress while still covering the services you need.

Also, you can prioritize where you have employee energy. It’s beneficial to have employees to brainstorm with, for boots on the ground work, for community relations and fundraising, and more.

But do you need employees ordering your print cartridges? Working in IT? Probably not. When you consider outsourcing services like managed print, you’re just freeing up your time and your employees for the real work of running a nonprofit, not the tedious background tasks that take up too much time.

Nonprofits Know the Benefits

Get ahead of the budget struggle with the benefits of outsourcing managed print services.

  • Save on supplies

Instead of over ordering, getting the wrong thing, or not having what you need, managed print takes care of supplies so that you’re always getting the items on time and at the right price point.

  • Coordinate print efforts

Don’t make the same fix twice or work on a printer issue that isn’t fixable. With managed print, you’ll stay ahead of the problems and be productive without wasting time on print.

  • Reliable maintenance

Always there, when you need it. Isn’t that all you really need with maintenance?

  • Print audits

Know where your money is going in print. You can save significantly on your print budget once you identify any spending problems, and show the board how much you can cut back on waste.

Managed Print Starts Here

With United Business Systems, you can start your managed print services with a customized consultation to make sure the service works for you. Get in touch with UBS today.

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