Wide format printers constitute a significant office investment. Often, businesses don’t step forward and purchase a device when they realize they need it.

Once your business is on board with understanding needs and that a wide format printer makes the most sense (based on cost/benefit analysis which your office products partner can help with), there are a few extra needs to evaluate before buying the machine.

Wide Format Printing Considerations

Wide format printers bring endless benefits to your office, as it’s a format that many businesses use often but don’t invest in the right equipment.

As you research which product will be the most productive for your operational business needs, ensure that you ask the right questions and process the most specific considerations for wide format printers.

1. Toner vs. Inkjet

While inkjet printers may be less costly up front, the overall price of using and maintaining one may outweigh the benefits. However, this is one of the first questions to answer in researching wide format options.

There are a few more specifics that may point you in the right direction. Once you consider durability, speed, and volume in your decision, and you may find that toner plotters make more sense. This arrangement is particular to your needs, so be sure to walk through it with a professional.

2. Print In-House vs. Outsource

This question goes back to when you decided to invest in a wide format printer initially. Keeping your wide format printing in-house has substantial benefits in both the long and short-term.

Since you’ve decided to go in-house with printing, you will have more flexibility over what you print and the timeline for a turnaround. Also, you can specify exactly what features you’d like to leverage to improve office efficiency.

3. Picture Quality and Print Speed

Wide format printers reliably produce high-quality pictures. But think about if that is your priority, or if speed and volume are what matters most to you. Understanding which features are non-negotiable and which are less critical will help to put your money in the right place when purchasing a wide format printer.

Know Your Stuff – Work With UBS

United Business Systems has the wide format printing solution that will work best for you, and they have the experience to understand the comparisons between products.

Contact United Business Systems to go over what you have, what you need, and how to get started.

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