Unsure if a wide format printer is necessary for your industry? It’s possible that you’re already making sacrifices in marketing and development that could result in better returns with a wide format printer.

How? If your industry is not expanding on what’s available by using wide format, you may not be selling your entire capability to potential clients. Think about it – if someone tells their story or shows an example of their work on an 8.5×11″ piece of paper, that’s fine. If they explain what they’re about on a poster the size of the table, it’s a sale.

Searching for the right wide format printer can take a ton of time. That’s why it’s important to understand and innovate how your industry will use the printer, what specific needs your business has, and how to partner with a vendor that will help you get what you need.

Wide Format Printers on the Rise

Many businesses have made the jump to wide format for marketing, education, and work examples.

Industry Specific

Does your industry fit into any of these categories?

  • Education

  • Architecture

  • Marketing

  • Government

  • Healthcare

If so, think about how you can use a wide format printer to tell the story of your business or organization. Show large photos of a building model, make lifesize your classroom brainstorming session, or build out a government plan on your larger canvas.

Share Your Story Full Size

With a wide format printer, you can share your story lifesize, the way you want to. Talk to United Business Systems to install your wide format printer today, and you’ll never remember how you lived without it.

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