You have a big presentation at a conference coming up. Your palms sweat just thinking about it, but you know you have the right information, the right know-how, and the right graphics to go along with it.

How do you know that? Because you printed large-scale presentation graphics to go with your talk on your wide format printer. And with these stunning graphics hung behind you, you’re guaranteed to stand out.

Wide Format Printing

Wide format printing is becoming more popular in the business world as technology becomes better and more affordable. Businesses are using wide format printers to create everything from presentation graphics to vehicle wraps. Without the markup of outsourcing, businesses are saving money on flexible and responsive marketing strategies with wide format printing.

Why Market in Print?

Print marketing and communication has been around for centuries, and there are certainly some pundits saying its time is up. But research shows that print marketing keeps an audience’s attention longer and that full-color graphics are more likely to be retained than, for instance a web page. That’s why using printed large-scale printed material could be the difference that sets you apart from your competition.

Benefitting from Wide Format Printing

Companies across the globe are using wide format printers to market and communicate. Across industries, wide format printing is becoming the go-to choice for a wide variety of products, including:

  • Banners for point-of-sale displays
  • Trade show and exhibit posters
  • Sale advertising
  • Presentations
  • Art and photo enlargements
  • Training charts
  • Vehicle wraps

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