Making the transition to a digital document management systems can be intimidating. You know that it is about more than just scanning and storing files, but exactly what else is involved and how do you manage it all? Indexing is a core component of a DM solution.

Making the Transition

Digitizing your hardcopy documents and saving them in a secure digital is a large undertaking. And, without the right tools in place, you can end up in a disorganized predicament. When you transition to secure digital document storage without indexing files, you will end up with a disorganized mess of digital files, which is not any better than a jumble of paper files in a file cabinet. The entire point of document management is to streamline your systems and make documents easier to locate and edit.

Digital Document Storage

The right document management software makes all the difference with a DM solution. Document scanning your data and converting to digital files is only part of the picture. To fully maximize your system, you need indexing software to recognize and capture specific keywords. This information is then stored, enabling you to search and retrieve files at a later time. Not only will your files be secure, but they will also be much easier to access, edit, and share.

Software Solutions

To avoid a disaster of jumbled digital data, your document management software must be able to capture, index, and archive various document formats. At United Business Systems, we offer a wide range of software packages to meet the needs of businesses in every sector, including law firms, accounting and financial services, doctor’s offices and medical facilities, mortgage and title companies, and others. Regardless of your industry, there is a solution for your business.

Business-Wide Benefits

Organizing and managing your information effectively can yield significant benefits for your organization, including helping your meet privacy and security requirements. With indexing as part of a comprehensive document management solution, you can smoothly transition from a business buried in paper files, to one thriving in digital data heaven. Once your files are scanned, indexed, and stored, your employees will be able to safely access them from any secure device, streamlining your business process across departments and locations.

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