An efficient workflow is more than just a buzzword or a way to catch attention in a presentation. Making your office workflows efficient could revolutionize your entire business and put you ahead of your competition, simply because when you’re working efficiently, you’re producing more at a lower cost.

Want an easy way to enhance your company’s workflow? Consider managed print services. Here’s why.

Managed Print Services: The Workflow Solution

When people think of managed print services, they typically think of reducing print output, lowering costs, and decreasing strain on IT staff. All of these benefits certainly come with managed print, but at the root of the solution is a commitment to efficiency. How does your managed services provider reduce print output, lower cost, and ease strain on IT staff? All through boosting efficiency.

How it Works

A managed services provider will first assess your current print environment, paying particular attention to areas that could use improvement. Your services provider will begin tracking your entire print system, down to the user and the machine, to identify bottlenecks and issues. At the end of the assessment period, your managed services provider will produce a plan to move forward, highlighting how workflow, machines, and policies can shift to improve productivity.

How it Improves Workflow

Managed print provides a unique perspective on your business, illuminating the potential areas to modernize and streamline. You’ll be amazed how much simple changes like optimizing machine placement and fleet size can make your productivity soar. Your managed services provider can help you identify outdated, paper-based processes and replace them with streamlined systems. In the end, you’ll not only improve workflow, but you’ll also lower costs.

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