The paperless office is the latest move towards a digital workspace. This solution has gone from a good idea to a critical backup method and necessary business process. Document management is the answer to an updated and much more efficient workplace.

What is a Digital Office? A digital office is when all documents, files, and materials – basically anything that fills up a file cabinet – is online instead of on paper, hence the term document management. This means every form, application, contract, spreadsheet, and proposal is digital.

Why is a Digital Office Better? The paperless office is more secure, easier to use, and more streamlined than traditional workflow. Yes, the change can be hard at first. But once everyone is trained, and on board, the benefits are endless.

With document management, you can:

  • Secure files with passwords or limited access
  • Access documents from anywhere, at any time
  • Regularly back up your entire office to the cloud
  • Streamline storage systems
  • Optimize organizational processes
  • Control versions of documents
  • Manage and update resources

Document management is a benefit to both employees and customers. Employees will enjoy the space saved on storage, ease of emailing documents, simplified organizational systems, and anytime access.

Customers appreciate online forms and applications, quick response via email, and connectivity between web communications and office interactions. No one likes to break up a project or request by printing, signing, or working with hard copies. Customers appreciate the transition to an entirely online system.

Go Digital Today

It’s easier to make the switch to paperless than you might think – and you’ll be amazed at how simple your document scanning procedures will become. Ready to be surprised by a productive, simplified office? Call or email the friendly team at United Business Systems to get started.

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