As technology grows and advances, clients’ demands and law firms’ responsibilities are becoming more and more complex. On some level, every law firm is fighting the same battle against budget and time constraints as they struggle to maintain efficiency in a chaotic and ever-developing digital environment. The solution is simple in theory: law firms should invest in technology wisely to better simplify their own workflows and control their costs. But with such a wide selection to choose from and limited time to assess options and make the switch, it can be difficult to figure out which solution to turn to. UBS offers the business technology law firms need to help increase billable hours and cut down on wasted time and money – decreasing your decision time now and increasing your efficiency going forward.

Improve Workflow Efficiency

Law firms have specialized workflow needs and the processes for handling files, cases, and clients vary greatly based on practice area. Because of that, you need solutions that are as agile and versatile as your clients expect you to be. Document management systems available from UBS allow law firms to simplify file transfer processes and streamline repetitive tasks and workflows. Systems like DocuWare have easy and secure cloud integration and powerful output management that make every facet of your business run more efficiently. Setting up automated workflows boosts productivity by reducing administrative time, so support staff and attorneys alike can focus on what really matters.

A robust document management system can smooth the transition between working in the office and working from home. In a time where a hybrid of office and remote work has become the norm, being able to securely access and work on files from anywhere has become crucial to supporting clients. Whether they’re closing on a house, negotiating a contract, or retaining your counsel for any number of other reasons, clients expect attorneys to be able to adapt to their schedules and consistently be attentive to their needs. While that isn’t always possible, adopting agile mobile solutions that can be operated from anywhere allows firms to keep up with the volumes of information and requests they handle each day. This means no more chasing down files or wasting time because something you need is in the office and you’re not.

Track Files and Costs

Many firms have a basic document management system that seems to get the job done, but those often have limited capabilities that hinder efficiency and productivity. With a modern and secure system, nothing slips through the cracks and storing, using, accessing, and updating information is streamlined – no matter how complex the file or where you’re working on it. DocuWare is a cloud-based solution, so you don’t have to rely on an old server that you may not even be physically near. It also provides workflow and approval processes for human resources, accounting, and case management. Other softwares, like uniFLOW and PaperCut, allow you to be efficient with your spending as well as your time by tracking your printing charges per matter number.

UBS offers these systems and more, and our ATSP-certified technicians will work with you to install your new technology. Our highly-trained specialists can integrate your systems so that everything works together to provide you with the most efficient experience possible. Contact a UBS representative today to see how your firm can improve its efficiency and its bottom line.

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