Working with the right tools can speed up production and make your job easier. Too many companies aren’t working with the right tools when it comes to copiers and laser printers, in part because it can be difficult to choose the right model. With so many copiers and printers on the market, it can be overwhelming for the average professional to choose a good fit for their business.

Here are a few of the distinguishing factors that truly matter between models and how to fit these features to your business.


One of the first differences you’ll note is the wide range of features available. Although you may not want every “bell and whistle,” don’t skimp on features that could modernize and speed up your workflow. Especially features that allow you to bypass paper and choose digital options can make your workplace more efficient. Keep in mind as well that you’re likely to use this copier as your company grows, so try to think long-term and not only about your present business.

Volume Rating

Every copier is rated for a certain duty cycle per month, and most companies aren’t aware what their copier is rated for. Be sure you know an approximation of how much you print per month, and choose a copier with a matching duty cycle. When you use a machine over its capacity, you significantly shorten its lifespan and will have to repair the copier more often.


Finally, consider a copier that helps you stay up to speed. Copiers with a low production speed can slow down your company’s productivity and force employees to wait in line while jobs finish. The speed you need will depend on how much you print on a monthly basis. Consider a commercial copier for even higher productivity gains and speed.

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