Did you know that document management is not just for businesses? Medical practices, educational facilities, and institutes of higher learning can also benefit from the many advantages that DM has to offer.

Solutions for All Industries

When it comes to DM, we often picture busy offices in a city high-rise. The reality is that so many businesses in a wide range of industries need help managing document workflow and document management presents an optimal solution. Institutes of higher education deal with a vast number of materials on a daily basis. Here are some ways DM can help streamline theses processes.

Record Keeping

Education facilities can simplify record keeping with DM, which eliminates the need to make a trip to the file room and dig through papers files. Document management systems also you to search for and access student records quickly, easily, and safely. It is critically important that private student information is kept secure and free of unauthorized access. When necessary, you can also safely and securely share records with authorized parties.

Mastering the Master File

Before students even enroll in a University, they are assigned a folder with all of their data. Rather than financial documents living in one office and transcripts housed in another, document management allows educational institutions to create one master digital file for student and personnel. Not only does this streamline processes and simply data sharing, but it also increases security via access controls and password protections.

Simplifying Payments

With document management, gone are the days of calling the parking office to see if a student really paid his parking fees and can enroll in a course. Employees can efficiently look up the information in a centralized location. And, depending on specifics, different departments can accept and process payments on behalf of another, simplifying the entire process.

If work at a college, university, school or another education facility, look to document management as a way to streamline important student data and record keeping. If you have any question on how DM can help your business or institution, contact us.

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